Police guy

Can someone make a low poly and realistic policeman for me plz?
It can have any uniform, perferably blue :slight_smile:


I need one to be an asset for a game I’m creating. I am trying to learn to make one already, but mine will not be good enough for the game because my humanoid modeling is horrible
" Why should someone make one for you and what’s in it for them?" practice. that’s why this is a volunteer thread…read the definition for the word “volunteer” please

I’ve read the thread

It needs to be as low poly as possible, but without sacrificing any quality because it will just be a minor character in my game. It must be humanoid and with a uniform that may/may not be the texture of the character or just be another mesh

I can give it a try if you like. I won’t be able to texture it though. Do you want a particular type of uniform, or something generic?

You can also try MakeHuman. It has support for very low poly models, and can save you a lot of time.


Yeah that would be great, if you want
I don’t like makehuman though…I never tried it and probably won’t be good enough at it to put into the game