Policeman WIP

My second ever posted picture here. This is a policeman WIP - recreation of one Digital Tutors character model. Modelling is nearly done. Next step is texturing. I hope to rig it eventually.

Hope you like it.


Hèhè, looks great… very funny, and quite some detail… :slight_smile:

Great character. Waiting for updates.

AWESOME! I love this character :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!
I will probably change the light, it looks kind of WW2 hand-grenade.

Cool, love the style.

Yes, is all. Just yes.

Looks like a monster inc character. The style is very clean and entertaining. I’ll be watching.
Keep the great work up.

I like the style/look of him. Hope to see more.

This is too high compliment … anyway thank for all positive responses.

Some details updated. Now is time for unwrapping:confused:


I LIKE the potato-masher flashlight, think you should keep it. Give him a set of handcuffs, too.
Great character! LOL!



Looks like a bit of a gruff, will this be animated or just a scene?
If just a scene, I say security guard. ; )