Policy on eBay plugs

I’m trying to raise some money by building a computer and selling it on eBay at a profit. Of course I need people to know about the auction before I can have any hope of a seller and I thought maybe people on here might be interesting in upgrading their PC.

However I don’t want to spam the board or do anything that violates board policy, so before I try posting anything on here regarding the auction I thought I’d check what the policy regarding auctions was.

Is it okay to post auctions on the boards? If so, which forums is it acceptible to post such things in?

I’d say:

  • make it obvious it’s your stuff you’re selling
  • unless somehow blender related this goes in off topic

the mods may have something to add…

Wouldn’t bother me! Maybe we could have just an “Auctions” thread, stickied. Only 1.

well… just don’t do it like that guy: