Polikarpov I-15

(VanPelt) #1

Here are some WIP renders I made of this warplane. It’s a Polikarpov I-15 “Chato” of the Republican Spain Air Force, late 1938:


(copy and paste the links)

I have to finish the texturing and model some more details of the interior. And as long as I couldn’t model a pilot, it will remain in ground…
I also think I could make the ligthing better, but I don’t quite know how. Lights are still difficult stuff to me.

Comments appreciated!


(ectizen) #2

That is one seriously cool model :smiley:

For lighting, I’d add 3 or 4 low power lamps - some the same colour as the ground and below the aircraft (to fake some radiosity), and some adding a little brightness to the darker areas (like the top of the lower wing).

Reminder:Tthe current Weekend Challenge theme is air :wink:

(Nayman) #3

looks really good!


(VanPelt) #4

D’oh, I was too late for the Weekend Challenge. For now, here’s a quickie update, with some more texturing on the tail and less intense shadows:



(kaktuswasse) #5

great modelling!