Polish comic books

Yesterday we heard the sad news of Henryk Jerzy Chmielewski’s death at 97. He was a Polish cartoonist and drawer made famous with his “Tytus, Romek i A’Tomek” comic book series that started 1957. The series is of Poland’s major ones Generations of Polish people grew up on it. Yes, we did have comic books back then.

By the way, this year Kajko i Kokosz, another Polish comic book series, is supposed to appear on Netflix.

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Sad news …
but hey 97 is quite an age many can just dream of, not to mention the awesome artistic legacy of Papcio Chmiel.
By the way a well established animation studio - Human Ark is working on a feature 3d animation based on another famous polish comic book by Tadeusz Baranowski “Podróż Smokiem Diplodokiem”
the movie is to be titled “Diplodocus”

Great, I didn’t know that. Still, this adaptation may have little to do with the original due to intranslatable wordplay. I Read Baranowski’s comic books as well and they are for the upperintermediate learners of Polish for the wordplay.