Polish Vickers MK. E Type B - Scene No 2

Scene For Back Of The Cover Finished


Wow, that looks pretty good. There’s an element of reality missing though I can’t quite put my finger on it. Drop the saturation a little bit to give it a more ‘war-like’ appearance.

The element of reality I think you’re looking for is the atmosphere. You’d expect it to be a little more hazy/foggy/smoky. But it’s in finished projects, so I won’t complain too much. :slight_smile:

Great materials, especially that pillar.

ye do some (more) compositing, add some dof, rgb curve and lower the saturation allot (maybe even black and white)… maybe add some old camera effects as well…

I think the lacking realism stems also from the fact that its too “clean”.

The tank looks like it rolled from the production line 10 minutes ago, id think it would have already taken a tough beating in warsaw.

While the rubble and the bent lamp post are good, im missing a general “gritt” from the image. Maybe some puddles on the ground, some fog from the gunfire.

The scene could also be a bit more dynamic, a smoking barrel or thrown up gravel, the picture would look so much more “alive”.

Also the sign posts damage is too smooth, it needs to be more jagged.

What i really like though is the attention for detail in the scene, the moddel is great and the posters look great and give a bit of atmosphere.

Beautiful modelling and texturing, the material settings and lighting I think are the cause of that lack of realism. If you rendered this scene in Yafaray, Luxrender, Indigo or Vray with a nice exr/hdr map and decent material settings you would get much closer to a truly photorealistic look. Fantastic job anyways!

Thanks For Posts Lads, You’re Right It Could Be Better, But After Approval By The Publisher I Leave It Like This.