Polishing an old work for a sci-fi blender series

Hey blenderheads,

This is the latest WIP:

And just in case you missed the blendernation news, here’s the gentlemen’s sci-fi weapon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05x9N492SMw

I’ve created this subway escalator scene, as one of my first ever, a few month after getting in touch with blender.

This was my first image :stuck_out_tongue:

But I went on working on it, learning alot of different stuff via free tutorials, that everybody was giving so generously out there and after some more practice
and some compositing and filter overlay this was the result:

and here’s the scene as one of our very first channel videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUabd9peP3U

I was planning to use it for a short film entirely made in blender, but my models were bad and the pacing an animation wasn’t just there either. The project had some good one’s though (here’s a playlist, note that this was very early blender stuff, i was trying my best :p: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUh9_QF- h3g&list=PL6DEl2xoXHgHkcoyZnZ6__ai3mD4c-N_1 )

So now after some more practice I decided I would start of better now, and began writing and imagining a story about the MoonMan. So I slightly redesinged the scene to use it for the upcoming webseries and here’s the result (comment):

Still WIP

I’ve learnt so much with blender and I still got a long way to go, but I think it’s time to say: thank you! to the community.

If in any case you are eager to help us making this webseries, than there’s no better and easier way to support us than to simply subscribe to our channel alongside 158 others (so far): http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MoonManPictures

Sry for the cheap commercial for our channel :stuck_out_tongue: But it would really help alot to see that people are supporting this (and you will get some Blender Internal tutorials for free YAY!)

Thanks for your time,
The MoonMan

The progress in this scene is obvious :slight_smile: Nice work. Despite small flaws like the chairs texture or the cans on the ground that seem textured and totally flat, the first of the last post is very nice. The two last lack some texturing I think for the machine at the right, but that and the blue thing at the bottom (a portal or something ?) are intriguing.

I watched the trailer too and it’s very well done, good job. I wish I had the skills and motivations to make some animations like that.

Edit : Forgot to mention those lamps on the escalators. Why are they here , it’s very strange. Visually interesting, but strange :smiley:

hey asmoth, thanks for your reply I will work some more on the scene of course and there are some leftovers from earlier days also :stuck_out_tongue: Texturing the generator on the left and the teleport in the center are things for later (still modelling the greebles)
I had some clients work to do over the weekend (2D image manipulation as in our first tutorial) but now this is priority :slight_smile:

Oh I missed the ‘still WIP’ part. Looking forward to seeing the final result so :slight_smile:
PS : (You must mean the generator on the right?)

Very nice. The scene and atmosphere are pretty good; the pose of the man in the vac suit seems a little stiff though.

:eek: sry on the right of course :no::cool::RocknRoll:

Thank you @rjshae. It’s going to be animated therefore there’ll be a walk motion etc etc :wink:

Looks GREAT and this is a very teasing trailer on YT. You have a very interesting project going on here!

Thank your minoribus for the kind reply!

Currently working on asset/greebles textures for the generator on the right

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