Polishing tracking with unknown camera data

I’ve been practicing Blender tracking for a while, but when using internet footage without camera model and focal lenght, it always show some perspective issue, no matter how good tracking solve error is. To get near the unknown focal lenght I used fSpy and Nuke camera tracker 3D, but still had problem with camera sensor. My current workflow is with image sequences: Undistort > Track > CG > Comp > ReDistort. And Blender refine most of times mess with solve error. I wonder if someone have a tool to guess or match focal lenght and sensor size without any camera data, including EXIF? I know I’m asking a lot, but maybe someone already done it. Thank you.

Nuke/Blender workflow. No camera info. Solve error: 0.19 px

Perspecitve issue:

Plate: pexels.com/video/woman-watering-her-indoor-plants-3770017/
3D Model: skfb.ly/6R9TS