Political cartoon - collaboration with RMS

I created this in a collaboration with Richard M. Stallman. (GNU/Linux users may recognize him as being the founder of the GNU project and the president of the Free Software Foundation.) Well, without further ado, here it is:


If you can’t read my handwriting, the title is “Tough Negotiations for a New Trade Treaty”. Stallman requested another version without my illegible handwriting, instead retaining the same newspaper headline style of titling he has for the rest of his comics. You can view it here, or you can view the smaller version he has on his own personal website (which is aesthetically god-forsaken-ugly, but an interesting place to explore). He used to have a link to my large, full-quality “olde-style” comic, but I think he accidentally deleted it in putting up new news, probably because he edited an older version of the main page. Ah well.

I saw this the other day when I visited stallman.org. Didn’t know it was the work of a blender user.

It most certainly is (and even was). I’ve made other comics too, but they aren’t so much political as they are nerdy. You can go to my website at http://dustycloud.org and view them (my avatar is the character that is based off of me). Well, I suppose you could also go to http://lingocomic.com, since that really points to the same website, but I’ve decided to go with the whole dustycloud.org thing because… well… I’m planning on expanding and working on more projects than just my comic Lingo. Now, granted, that means I have to figure out a completely new site design, and put up the miscellanious “interesting projects” hanging around my hard drive.

I warn you that Lingo hasn’t been updated for a while, but I have a couple comics in the works… I just need the time to update them. Fortunately, I have a huge winter break coming up, so much updating will be done in December. (We get off for well over a month at my college.)
Gah! Enough ranting… I have homework to do!

Question (cuz I’m curious): How did you end up hooking up w/ RMS to create this comic?

PS: I checked out Lingo – your style reminds me of the way an old high school friend of mine used to draw. :slight_smile:

Wow, I should really go back and revisit old threads.
Anyway, I actually just ended up hooking up with RMS on this comic because I wrote him an email commenting on the other political cartoons on his website. I had a tendency already to visit there quite often to check his political notes page, so I figured, heck, why not send him an email?
Well, I was being a complete attention whore, and I asked him if he’d like to check out my comic. He wrote back asking me to email it to him… so I did… and he wrote back with this line:

“I found it amusing, but did not LOL.”

For some reason, of which I am not entirely sure, I wrote back and sporadically threw in, “If you have another comic idea, I’d be happy to draw it.”
I didn’t actually expect him to take me up on it, and at first he didn’t. But a few months later he emailed me the script, asking me if I wanted to draw it for stallman.org

Well, it was a long process in the making of that… but I think it was definetly worth it.

As for my style… Well, it’s good to know that there’s someone else out there who’s obsessed with sketchiness as much as I am! (Because that’s all my style really is… sketchy lines…)
Lingo was drawn before I had a wacom tablet. It was all bad pencil drawings scanned in, then colored, touched up and assembled in the GIMP.
The comic displayed here was done with my nice Intuos2 wacom tablet (and the GIMP).