Poll: Belagos Graphics

i open this to see what you think about the game graphics they are not too hard to do

you should learn more about games (graphics) and then try to improve you graphics more, I think you know the basis, but you ll need mutch more than that to get us impressed, I think that when is with HQ for you its good enough, so if you openned this thread i think that you have doubts about your own work.
Learn more and you can make something even better than what you had done till now.
I m not saying that you are bad as an artist, Im saying that you can improve like us all to make your game with an professional look.
Good Luck

Sorry to sound stupid, but what is a Belagos Graphics? Do I miss something?

I remember seeing your video before but now I can’t find it. You should post a link to it here. I can’t remember all that much. I remember that I got through the first episode but it was a little too slow for me that day so I didn’t watch any more. My mood changes a lot from day to day so that doesn’t mean much. But I can’t say for sure that I’m even talking about your videos. Please post a new link?

there is an new gae video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsl4bvrGuGk , and monster, belagos is an game that i have been working on

Thanks socker. I was missing a link in you top post.

I watched your video. It looks quite good. I like the planets. (I do not know why I can see the sun shining through them :))
The space station should get some more details.
The debris that gives you the forward feeling should follow the turns. Currently it looks a bit wired as the background makes you feel a turn while the debris does not.

Beside that is looks good

1: the sun is shining trough the planets because i used on the spec settings 1 of hard
2:i think you are talking about the jump gate
3: im trying to fix the debris to look more realistic, im going to get an better comp with probably an Nvidia GTX 400 hehe…:evilgrin: