Poll: Favorite Tutorial Format?

What is your favorite format for tutorials?

My preference goes to anything that’s not a video, can be downloaded in a single file, and can be printed. I voted PDF.

I like them all except PDF.

Videos are always fun, but they have to relatively good quality because if you cant see anything it just sucks. PDFs are in second place because they can be downloaded.

I picked Webpage(Screenshot+text) because I don’t want to wait.

any downloadable printable format.
im oldschool i voted pdf

I voted web page with screenshots and text: I like being able to flip between Blender and the tutorial (or even split screen the two) without pausing. And if I mess up (which is frequent) it’s nice to be able to scroll up a bit rather than go back through a video searching for the correct part. And I can read faster than I can listen.

i vote webpage (screenshot+text) or pdf, which i can always print or see without waiting to download large filesizes.
edit: i normally watch video tutorials while eating dinner. i usually get to see tips and “new” shortcut keys that way. but i still prefer webpage or pdf :smiley:

i voted video and both the web-page options… :slight_smile:

I voted the Hi-res video, so you can see what’s happening, and both web-page and PDF.

Any text medium. Searchable, easier to follow, easier to ignore repetitions of things you already know.

Videos are good if you’re just watching, not following along, as you then get to see other people’s workflow. I’ve even picked up a few general timesaving keys this way.

vidio, pdf, anything that can be easly downloded. i dont like web based tutorials, especially when thay are split onto separate pages.

I must say I am slightly surprised at the result, I was expecting webpage and high-res video to get the most vote, but certainly not pdf, hehe.

I picked video and webpage with screenshot cause in PDFs the pics tend to be too small to see what is going on. The webpage is only applicable when the pics are fairly hires.

it was between Webpage and PDF, i voted PDF

I really can’t stand video tutorials. I’d much rather have concise information, written, neatly formatted and printer ready in a PDF.

With a written tutorial I can scan the whole thing and longer over any parts that are new information or particularly interesting. I don’t have the time to sit through video tutorials in the hopes that a 5 minute tutorial has a 30 second gem of information hidden in it somewhere.


Wink Tutorials are a nice alternative to Video Tutorials.

Non-real time. and they keep the file-size relatively small.