Poll for the Crystal Space/GameBlender project name

You can vote for the name of the new Crystal Space/GameBlender project on the following poll:


Warning! You must be registered on the Crystal Space site to vote!


GAME blender + crystal SPACE = GAMESPACE, vote for it !!! :smiley:

Mmmh the voting things doesn’t work. I click a radio button and hit the Vote button, and still the voting count is the same even afther I did my vote. :-? I tried again, but it doesn’t accept the vote or something.

[edit: Aah ok I had to register, sorry didn’t saw that]

Hey somebody changed the list ! I can’t find GAMESPACE anymore ! :smiley:

GameSpace is trademark.


may I suggest Crystal Blender

Re Game Blender -> Regeble … just an Idea. %| :slight_smile: