[POLL] GSOC names: good or bad?

Hi There, I created a poll to know what the community thinks about the GSOC names of this year, personally I found very difficult to find which project refers all the time, speacially in the mailing lists, I think the past year was more descriptive in this term, what do you think?..

i think it will be another fruitless poll.

I think it’s just fun. So, good.

i think it will be another fruitless poll.
i agree with you, arguing about branch names won’t help and they will not change it, but at the same time they should not repeat it, it is confusing when i read a commit in a branch i need to figure which GSoC project it belongs to.

just put a little effort to memorise it once and for all. Shouldn’t be to hard.


You’re probably not interested in all of the branches, you just need to remember a few of them. Like tomato (Camera tracking) or oregano (GE nodes), some of my personal favorites.

I like the all ingredients and makes a good salad! MMmmm… missing some “Oil” branch…or is “dressing” ?! ah…yeah

Moved to discussion.

  					i think it will be another fruitless poll. 						

Wait, there’s an Avocado branch and Tomato branch (just to open THAT can of worms again!). Semi-fruity poll!

EXACTLY what I was thinking… :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure, but I can’t imagine that the number of people interested in each branch (while it’s in development) is very big. Even if it is, most people aren’t interested in every single branch, so no matter what they are named, it should be very easy to remember the few you are interested in.
It’s also better to use non-related names, than to use the names of the commiters, since this year many branches have multiple commiters working on the same branch. If different projects are using the same branch, then the branches can’t be named after the projects either. So the best way to do it seems to be to use non related names.