[Poll] Hobbyist or Pro

Thought it might be interesting to see some demographics.

  • I’m a hobbyist, just in it for the fun
  • I’m a freelancer, can’t fully make a living with CG yet
  • I’m a fulltime freelancer (can make a living with CG)
  • I’m a professional at a smaller company (2-50 employees)
  • I’m a professional at a medium sized company (51-500 employees)
  • I’m a professional at a large company (500+ employees)

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Nice topic , Iam freelancer can’t fully make money from it yet but I hope someday work in a studio as a rigger and animator

You’ll get there. It’s all about persistence and maybe some luck. Thanks for taking part in the poll!

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I second the initiative ! I think there was a similar poll a few years ago, it would be nice to see the percentages evolve. I think we’re more and more professionals today as Blender becomes a really good alternative.

@drgci yeah you’ll get there. Never get tired of submitting your resume to smaller companies as well, they generally have a lower barrier of entry as they might not be able to afford the big names - I stayed some time at several companies and took the opportunity to hone my skills, now I can more or less make a living with rigging (complementing with animation).
Good continuation !

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Maybe a little different. I use blender for CAD to build custom cnc patterns for sale. I really like the fluidity in the interface and eye-balling accuracy. I just started using blender in its CG function in the last two years and might have an addiction now to it.

Definitely a hobby.

Thanks everyone for participating!

Hadriscus - yes, it’d be really interesting to see a comparison a year from now. Seeing that companies account only for 1/3 of the development fund, I’d really like to see that number go up.
Blender could be used as a modeling tool in production in most cases as is. The company I’m working for has roughly 100 modelers, with me the only one using Blender on a daily basis one can only wonder what could happen with a chunk of that 160k going every year for Maya subscriptions going to the Blender Foundation instead.

OLG Could be interesting to see how Blender splits up across professions as well. CAD/Game Dev/VFX, or even Modeling/Anim/FX etc.
But yes, Blender is pretty addictive - not sure what it is, but daily builds and well documented, accessible development are a big part of it for me.

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I’m a hobbyist but considering becoming a freelancer. I love blender and constantly support it, it would be nice if I can support myself financially with blender.

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You could have a category for ; U used to be a professional but retired and keep working FX.CGI

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Nah, that’d be covered by either being a hobbyist in it for the fun, or being a freelancer getting payed for it. Age doesn’t matter in our world :slight_smile: .


Great to hear! You’ll get there, Blender is a great choice nowadays!