POLL:How do you start your models?

Hi everybody,

       I was just wondering what most people start out with when they go to model something.  i realise that it might vary depending on what your doing but just on average what do you like the best?   Reply if you do somthing thats not on the list

It depens on what you are making, and you forgot circle.

I actually start with nothing :). I add a cube just top open up a new object and mesh DataBlock (and I use a cube because it has no extra dialog boxes). After that I just start adding verticies on top of my sketch.

Yes, I use the point-to-point modeling method, none of that box modeling stuff ;). And I know the advantages of both, but I just prefer to put my edges down first because then I’ll have a likeness of my original sketch right away.

So do you sketch an image and then draw it? or do you get your image from someplace else?

I draw all of my sketches, because I want to make my own stuff instead of someone elses :). Then I figure out where my most important edges should go, and then start from there, as you can see from the image above.

I use the same method metsys uses. Well, probably not the exact same, but basically the same.

Cube, generally. But if it’s not the best method, then I’ll erase its verts and go point-by-point. Which is why I sometimes end up with a lost of scenes containing one meshes named Cube.xxx …

Cube seems more natural to me.
When you model with clay it’s the same thing.
But it turns out that polygon modelling or vertice modelling is the best way.
Especially for animation.

If that doesn’t work, you can always try primitive modelling :]

I usually start with an Beizer Curve, then convert it to a poly-line, then to a mesh - long winded, but it works.

I haven’t found a method that always works well for me. (I’m pretty new at this) I did wonder though, how do you properly face the point to point edge loop technique? I can’t seem to get it. Same with curves, I always get strange effects when the light hits it.