[POLL] i.materialise 3D printing contest

Hello everyone,

This is a poll for our lamp contest. We really appreciate everyone’s contribution and design effort, but unfortunately some of the lamp shade designs did not make it to the final poll because of the production problems associated with particular design. This is our first contest and we are still learning :).

Please, go to this gallery to view all models for this contest. Once, you find a design you like cast your vote here. The three models with the most votes will be printed and delivered to the lucky winners.

Our .MGX team (click on “Top .MGX designs”) is extremely interested in the contest as well, so they might have a say on the final decision as well.

The poll will be open until Thursday, September 24rd 07:42 (GMT +1), and everyone is welcome to cast a vote, just make sure it will not turn into “who’s got the most friends” contest :smiley:

Feel free to post a comment or suggestion on possible next contest you would like to have :wink:

i can’t wait for the next one …

i just found out about this kind of stuff yesterday…

Any ideas what the contest should be on?

next contest could be about desingnig a small/medium pc adorn, something you will like to have in your desk and will show to everyone :smiley:

oooh! a usb key! or a hub…

If possible next time, maybe up to 3 votes per person since there will be 3 winners? That way if your friends feel obligated to vote for you, they can still vote for their other favorites :wink:

You should do an external HDD case… I’d rather have that then a puny usb stick =P

Because you can reuse an HDD case for like… ever…


Thanks for ideas on our next contest ;)… We were thinking about some sort of character design contest, but more functional designs are also interesting to do. It is really up to you, throw in some good ideas and we will do it :smiley:

what about something like a Chair ?

dam… a love those "who has more friends - wins - contests "

what about designing headphones?

  • especially since there aren’t many really outrageous headphone designs out there.

If you provide us with the mechanical parts and ear padding, we can build the casing around this. I think it would be challenging enough and if the final designs were interesting to a wider range of users/potential customers - you could market the product together with the winning artist.

a chair? a full sized chair? well, to be completely honest we can build a full size chair, but it will surely exceed our contest budget :(. We can do a scaled down version though :slight_smile:

we can do the jury thing as well. For this contest our .MGX team will have a say :wink:

actually, it’s a great idea, we’re thinking about “build your own” functionality which will allow people to customize stuff. At the moment we have custom lamps, but hopefully more stuff will come in soon.

+1 for the multiple-votes per voter to avoid too much friendly votes. And I think there should be some more voting-infrastructure on the blenderartists-frontpage to get more users to vote. This should probably be discussed in a separate thread though.

For the future contests, an earphone-contest sounds great, as this would really be something new. What else could be on, a candleholder, penholder (+ notepad etc.), Chessset?

I am not sure if multiple-votes per voter is allowed on this forum. We have our banner on the left column, and that’s about it.

The headphone contest sure sounds great, and this is something we will definitely look into. Problem is we will need to make some arrangements for that to happen, and these sorta things usually take up time. I would recommend something less technological because, as we learned, it is kinda hard to design a model in Blender with precise measurements.

The banner is great, and I think more isn’t possible at the moment to promote the contest on the frontpage. And for more than about 5 candidates, it wouldn’t be possible to integrate the poll into the frontpage (even though it isn’t technically possible at the moment). For the next poll I’d suggest a system wich allows multiple votes per voter and perhaps a second voting pass for some finalists.

Precise measurements in Blender: It’s possible to do precision modelling in Blender, as long as an equivalent to 1 Blender-Unit is given, e.g. 1 BU = 1m for architecture (1mm vor the third decimal place of BU-measurements) or something bigger for smaller object.

Thanks for hosting the contest

we will change a little our next contest, and if possible consider multiple votes per person

sorry for the delay we’re still discussing some technical issues. I will update everyone once we have everything prepared.


The contest has finished and to be honest we’ve been a little disappointed by the “friend vote” issue. Yesterday, we had couple of meetings to discuss this issue, and to be just to everyone we decided NOT to count votes from the users which had no posts on the forum, or that were registered a day before the end of the contest.

This left us with the three winners:

  1. Le cloneur clone lamp

  2. Andsn Espresso lamp

  3. Zeddicus creation lamp

We would like to thank everyone for participation. Since it was our very first contest we will provide an additional discount (which I will announce later today, or beginning next week) to everyone who participated ;).

congrats to the winners, they were all very good entries

well, i think next contest should be judged by non participating people from the forum choosed by you, that way will not be a friend contest, by the way, lets say i’m the one with most friends in the forum, i will win anyway in every contest even if my entry is the worst, that’s my point of view, and this should be included in the rules for voting that people who enter regularly to the forum but doesn’t post, will not be taken in account. and knowing the way this contest was judged, lets say someone will tell all his/her friends to post at leats once at week, and to create more than one account, so the next contest, he/her will count with a lot of votes, that’s why i think next contest should be judged by non participating people choosed by you. I’m glad the way you choosed the winners for this contest and i accept the fact i didn’t win this time, but for next contest, the things i said could happen, and for multiple votes, lets think i have 3 votes and so my friends, i will vote 3 times for my entry and tell my “friends in the forum” vote the 3 times for my entry, or if you can’t vote 3 times for an entry, i will only vote for my entry and let the 2 left votes wasted and will tell my friends in the forum to do the same, but that’s my thinking, i want next contests to be just, 'cause some people who entered this contest are thinking now “why that won” i accept there are better entries than mine, but i and other people in the forum could be choosen winners in different order or have replaced some entries by other, but in our ambition, every one of us were trying to win, even if our entry was’nt the best and even if we realized that, so a part of us did is to tell every friend here in the forum to vote for our entry, and even told people not registered yet to register and to vote. Now let’s think someone made a “super hyper mega design” but that person just registered in the forum, that person will not be counting with a lot of votes just because is new here and the oldest in this forum, will have more votes even if they just post the default cube that appears in blender, and i think just friends voted here, BlenderArtists have more than 103 users, so why just 103? just people near to us voted, and the left ones? they didn’t care 'cause they will not have nothing in reward to voting, maybe just a very low percentage voted even if they don’t participated, that’s why i suggest not to use a poll to evaluate how good an entry is. I’m not trying to say, “hey mine is better” or “hey, make again the poll” i’m satisfied how this was managed in this poll but for next contests i just want to be equitative to everyone, even if they just registered to participate.

First of all, congrats to those who won.

The decision to not count the votes from users who had no posts on the forum or registered the day before the end of the contest is certainly understandable, but I think there are still issues with that. For example, there were two other lamp designs that I liked a lot and I wanted to vote for them in addition to my own, so I registered two new accounts to vote for them. However, I used those accounts for the sake of voting only and I don’t think it’s fair that they’re not counted. Also, assuming that you designed the lamp for a specific audience who are not typical Blender users, and then you advertise the contest to that audience on a website to get more people to vote but under no obligation are they to vote for yours. It doesn’t seem right that those who want to vote for your design or anyone else’s can’t do so just because they don’t use the forum on a regular basis, unless this is specifically a Blender exclusive contest. That’s probably somewhere in the gray area but thought I’d point that out. Just my two cents here.