Poll: page loading time


I’m experimenting with some network settings, and I’m curious if you think the site speed is any different now. This is not the initial loading time (which is always a bit long as the entire Discourse app is loaded), but the ‘page to page’ time. For example when you click on a topic in a list to view it.

How is the site speed compared to yesterday (Friday Feb 5)?
  • The site is faster for me
  • There is no difference
  • The site is slower for me

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It only takes like half a second to load the pages on my phone, when I try loading a thread with like 1k replies it takes like 1 second.

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Sometimes I have to load the main page twice, because the overlay gets stuck on it.

There is definitely a noticeable lag when loading pages now.

Yeah, a bit slower but take into account I am on a slow DSL connection, so everything is slow to load. Still a page with 1k responses load time of 3 seconds isn’t a big deal, at least for me…

I would say it’s slower but my internet is so unstable that it’s hard to tell :sweat_smile:
EDIT: I have browsed the site a bit more and the images are taking a long time to load. Also I got the message “Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.” when trying to load this page. This has never happened to me before

Yup, that happens 100% to me when visiting Finished Projects then browsing back or clicking the blenderartists.org link to go to the front page.

Which device/browser/screen size?

It looks like this:

Reloading fixes it and only happens after leaving the Finished Projects section.
If it helps, the Firefox Web Console shows this:

TypeError: n is undefined[Learn More] _discourse-topic-previews-52883515cba5dd5fc01272ee25668244772f4247f556ab86c0f9bf0422fc758c.js:1386:12
XML Parsing Error: syntax error
Location: https://blenderartists.org/logs/report_js_error
Line Number 1, Column 1: report_js_error:1:1

i like the old loading screen version better, it feels very laggy and buggy, sometimes not updating or refreshing data (editing post requires full refresh to show, threads not being shown as read/grayed out after back button). it was much better to see a loading screen instantly respond to clicks, rather than wondering if it actually clicked.