Poll: PutFile.com or ImageShack.us

Just curious what everyone uses, you can add reasons why, or dont, whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Putfile steals your rights, imageshack doesn’t. If you want to retain the right to your own work don’t use putfile.


I usually use http://www.cribs2.com/fastuploads

I use my own server.

I can set a temporary hosting spot for blenders with like 100GB bandwidth if you want (it isnt being used anyway) however, in a few months time 3-4+ it would be cleared and taken off compleatly if i need the added space /bandwidth. would allow for images, movies and blend files.

If people need it i’ll set it up.

i use http://mudpuddle.co.nz

its soooo fantastic. all the girls love it. you will get everything you want by using it :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha


Photobucket is the only way to go.

Photobucket rocks me like no other. %|

can’t stand putfile… for some reason, I can’t view anything on it in windows (worls under linux- go figure) or it could be firefox vs. epiphany (though they are both gecko based, so its a bit strange if that’s it)

A webhost that provides about 110 mbit bandwith (a webhotel…not my own server).
Dirt cheap…cost about 30 bucks a year and people DON’T have to drown in
pop-ups, banners, annoying waiting time, and even more annoying special-plugin-needed-windows-only crap server…thank goodness I don’t have to
put up with that.

I’m not the worlds most patient person so if people use free servers (usually easy to spot because of the incredible waiting time) …I tend not to check that stuff out.

People who wants serious critique on their work should consider forking out the
20-40 bucks a year such a webhotel costs…that way it’ll be no hassle for you
and not to mention …the audience.

I was using ImageHost.org before they stopped accepting new users, so I still use that most of the time.

hell I only pay 5 bucks a month for mine, and I never got about 20% bandwidth even when I do post 50+ meg videos. 10 gigs of band seem enough for me. I do host 2 other people, but none of them really use my site anymore =_+.

Anyways if you really need a host and cant dasha few bucks, I’d be more then happy to host you. I dont have a file type/size limit but only have 300 megs left on my account. Please only devoted blender users apply ^_-. Oh and if you have a crappy website you will be putting up, forget it, I’d be more then happy to help you design a new one. I helped Grim with his, http://www.sutabi.tk/grim/ , and he still know zero about html (but he updates on his own)