POLL: Should Up/Down ArrowKeys go back to Jump +/- 10 Frames? (Poll closes 18 May)

In 2.60, there was a reshuffle of the hotkeys for jumping 10 frames, but also for jumping between keyframes. Back then, the responses I got back to a poll on this matter (or more specifically, the matter of making the jumping between keyframes operator easier to activate, given that it used to be the rather nasty Ctrl-PageUp/Down) suggested that it would be a good idea to change this to Up/Down arrow as jumping between keyframes was apparently something animators do a lot more. However, jumping 10 frames had to be moved as a result.

Back then, and a few times since, there I’ve heard that some were not happy with this change. Given that there’s now been a settling period after this changeover for people to get over the initial “argh! something changed!” response and actually get used to this for a while, I’d like to know whether in practice this arrangement is working, or whether another round of changes is needed.

The options are as follows:

  1. Up/Down Arrows go back to being Jump +/- 10 Frames, AND Shift-Up/Down Arrows now become the Keyframe Jumping keys
  2. Keep the current situation: Shift-Up/Down Arrows are for Jump +/- 10 Frames, AND Up/Down Arrows are for Keyframe Jumping
  3. There is no option 3

I’ve set this poll to close on May 18th.

EDIT: To clarify, in all of these situations, Left/Right Arrows will remain as they already are (single stepping frames left/right)

Option 3: Change the key settings yourself

I don’t really have a strong opinion either way. If I had free reign I think the most logical to me would be:

left/right - +/- frames
shift + left/right = +/- keyframes
up/down = +/- 10 frames
shift + up/down = first frame/last frame

Just makes sense in my head for keys to move frames, and shift keys to jump to keyframes. Like I said, I’m not really picky about it though. It takes me a few seconds to remember what does what but once I’m in animation mode, I don’t notice myself struggling with it at all.

Hmm, once there was a convention for shortcuts in blender that had "main action, complimentary action and alternate action using the “raw key, the shift key and the ctrl key” (also the “photoshop” user in me wonders why it wouldn’t make sense as follows:)

left/right = change one frame
Shift left/right = jump ten frames
ctrl left/right = move keyframe
ctrl-shift left/right = move key ten frames left/right
alt left right = clone key 1frame

that might be hated, Idon’t know, but it makes total sense with selections in photoshop…

up/down jump to next and previous keyframe
shift up/down jump to start/end

I didn’t know of that one, but the scheme that I have been using for most things is:

  • Raw key - primary action, performed often. The letter used is usually based on mnemonics unless the key is already taken, in which case whatever’s left usually ends up being considered if all other options on that key are also taken

  • Ctrl - secondary action / choose from several common tools from a popup menu

  • Shift - Add

  • Alt - Delete

  • Ctrl-Shift - Secondary add

  • Alt-Shift - Secondary delete

  • Ctrl-Shift-Alt - Rarely used stuff, but which would be nice to have a key for

I like After Effects keystroke option of SHIFT-CTRL-LEFT/RIGHT arrow. It does not make sense to use UP/DOWN arrows to move forward and backwards in the timeline. The timeline is left-right.

I’ve been too used to left/right = 1 frame up/down = 10 frames in 2.49b to ever think to change , it became too natural to me to feel the need to press a SHIFT key additionally to these. It’s already annoying to me in 2.63 to have to press SHIFT+ to jump 10 frames while 1 key was enough previously, and why i remap those keys always.

I just hope the “Shift-Up/Down” of option 1 does not mean that left/right will then be no longer used for moving one frame.
If indeed left/right will be removed, do not count my vote for option 1.

My vote is definitely to keep the hotkeys as they are now, I’m just fine with hitting shift+up and shift+down to move ten frames when blocking out an animation, if it means that the much more simple up and down are available to jump keyframe to keyframe when I’m trying to refine said animation. If it gets changed back, I suppose I’l just be re-adjusting that part of the keymap. Just my 2¢.

Well, I’ve been using Blender since 2.48, and when that changed I would try to get it to work, I found out later I had to press shift+ which I just thought that was my brain having left me. But I definatly prefered the old way, but honestly could just change that if I want.

Which reminds me, evertime a new version of Blender comes out I have to redo all the changes I made to the previous one, how do I import my settings from the previous?

In File -> User Preferences you have “Import Key Configuration” and “Export Key Configuration” buttons it should be helpfull to transfer your 2.63a keymap into future versions

Thanks! I know I have done that before, I had just forgotten how. I’ll probably go in and customize my whole interface tonight.

As long as it remains configurable in the keymap editor (the Delta value for Frame Offset), it doesn’t matter to me.

+1 I agree

Looks like a tie so far on the poll. Why didn’t you post this in the animation section where us animators visit more often? It’s fine how it is now, I was used to the old way but have adapted. It seems more logical now to jump keyframes without modifier keys.

Haha, the poll is completely tied right now. That’s interesting! To be honest, I’m not sure I understand why. I remember being pretty stoked when I realized that the up and down arrows had been changed to jump between keyframes a while ago. I tend to use that function a lot when working out the positions a character is going to take in an animation, but for whatever reason I rarely move quickly through the timeline with the arrow keys. I think I’ll try it more often though, considering the number of votes that option has! Usually I end up holding alt and scrolling the mouse wheel or just scrubbing through the frames with the cursor instead.

Is the shortcut for jumping forward/backward ten frames primarily for moving quickly through time, or is it useful for other things too? What do you use it for?

Of course, the decision hardly matters in the end since it’s so easy to change yourself, but it’s neat that there are so many different ways to think about it. In any case, both options are way better than Ctrl-PageUp/Down, so I’m happy =D

Hmm… “interesting” result. I kindof expect a bit more sway either way. Oh well, at least there was a 1 vote “majority”, though it looks like this is too murky to jump ahead and make any further changes.

Nah, that just means to add a checkbox toggle option and another poll to determine what its default state should be :eek:…