Poll: Should we allow the "Should We Allow Profanity?" thread to remain unclosed?

Should we allow the “Poll: Should we allow Profanity” thread to remain open? IMHO it should be locked, the People have spoken and it’s become pretty pointless. What do y’all think?

Yes please. This site is about using Blender. I’m REALLY getting sick of seeing this profanity thread at the top of the message stack all the time. I don’t read it, but it’s somewhat annoying.:spin:

It will die sooner or later, lets let people talk about what they want.

Should your thread be locked?

is’n there a rule saying that threads are suppoded to be about blender ?
anything else not related to CG shoud be out !

but may be i’m wrong !

happy 2.5

… btw … how the hell do I un-subscribe from a thread? I made the mistake of posting a comment in said thread, and now want to un-sub it … and soon this one, as well as others … thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Once enough people have voted and it’s obvious to everybody what the majority wants, of course. I wouldn’t want my thread to clutter the forums :wink:

They should just move it to the off-topic chat forum…

Go yo your list of subscribed threads, select the threads you want to delete from the list and at the bottom select Delete Subscription / Go


AHHHH!!! Thank you!! Now HOW did I manage to miss that, hee hee :stuck_out_tongue: … just dropped several threads I no longer care about … much better!!

I see you are very new around here and proving to be quite the trouble maker.

haha come on now buddy, I’m no trouble maker :wink:

Yes, close the thread…I’m tired of hearing about this non issue.

I don’t say much around here. I mainly follow threads to see what is new and can benefit me. I have seen you around other threads and you seem to like to cause issues with people. It won’t be long before you get a bad name with people if you keep this sort of thing up.

OK I am back to my work.

whatever you say, Champ v:confused:v

@zardoz, man pay no attention, some people don’t have a sense of humor

I think this thread (and the other) should be moved to the “off topic” forum, that is the place for rants curses and general silliness

But I think there should be civility (no bashing) and no foul language in the support forums


I agree 100%, the two threads (definitely this one!) should be moved to off-topic.

When they came for the profanity thread, I didn’t intervene, because I wasn’t a profanity thread…

But, to be serious, there’s no real reason to lock it because no rules are being broken.
(And no, that is not an invitation to go there and break rules. Please don’t do that.)

I am going to move it to the forum section, though.

Thanks PP.

I believe that a moderator has to remain neutral in all events, and not get emotionally attached or bias by any means. While the general consensus is that humans have a tendancy to act irrationally, at times it is best to have a time out period so as think things thoroughly. Freedom is something we all take for granted, but sometimes when we act “freely”, this can be interpretated as quite against the norm.

At worse it should be moved.