[Poll] What are you using Blender for?

Another anonymous poll - thought it might be interesting to see who does what. Multiple choices, I kept it fairly specialized to get a better sense which areas are used most. There was a similar poll in the past but I thought it might be good to see how things changed.

  • Architectural/Engineering/CAD
  • Modeling for Games
  • Texturing for Games
  • Animation/Rigging for Games
  • Modeling for TV/VFX
  • Texturing for TV/VFX
  • Animation/Rigging for TV/VFX
  • FX/Simulation/Particles
  • Video editing/Comp
  • 2D Animation
  • Other (you can specify in the comments if you’d like)

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Other: Hobby.

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I’m a novice so i’ve tried everything and decided to focus more on the animation.

Well to tell my back story
My vision always was to learn modeling rigging and animation
So I started from learning how to modeling characters
And I tell you that first I learn with the poly to poly modeling and not sculpting modeling and this was the biggest mistake but in the long run it was the absolutely right decision! :slight_smile: it’s helps a lot in the rigging process to know your mesh topology, so it take me one and half year, at the same time I was doing very simple rigs and animation very amateurish, after the one and half year I decided to completely focus on rigging and animation so it’s been almost one and half year than Iam learning rigging and animation and a 3 years of total adventure in blender !!
And the story continues! :slight_smile:

Other. I do Engineering/CAD/Documentation in Solidworks and Autocad, but visualizations in Blender. Few technical visualizations, but more of the type “how would our stuff work at your place” - so it’s not your typical archviz either. Today I did 6 “renders” (different “rooms”) that were just an AO base, although it still took time to setup. Based on a building BIM (?) file we received which was first imported into 2.79. Sometimes I get to do more “proper” renderings with materials and lights.

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quite funny that cad users are in majority but we get no love from the devs and the community .

when speaking about cad improvements for blender, the community start telling things like “go use fusion 360” “go use an architecture program” “blender is not made for this”… ect … i saw it with my own eyes

but really just a better snap system, few tools like precise snap move, snap rotate tools, a precise cut/line tool… ect … and its all that we need for a better workflow.


cool topic ! :slight_smile: there’s a lot of “other” votes by the way, i suggest you quickly add more polls choices in an new poll before you lost too many votes

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I don’t do CAD, (I’m a filmmaker/vfx sup), but I would LOVE some sort of snapping in Blender! It’s always a pain to try to place things just where I want them

blender is good at 2d , yet not alot of people use it for that ???

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Yes, in hindsight I should’ve made an option for Visualization/Rendering. Tried to change it but it was after the 5 minute mark so it’s gonna be next time :).

Mostly wanted to see how many CAD users are in the game (I’m vfx myself) but it’s also pretty interesting that despite Grease Pencil being awesome not many 2D people seem to have discovered it yet.

I have many colleagues who are not using blender, but their kids are playing with Grease Pencil and are having a lot of fun, which is the best feedback one could get I think.

other: 3d-printing

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That’s another good one. I need to take some notes, that “other” bar is way too long.

It’d be interesting to see how much of that is peepz just goofing around with box cutter, setting monkey heads on fire and dropping cloth planes on spheres, and how much of it is lack of options to choose from.

I noticed a few complaints about snapping with blender but I think the snapping tools combined with the 3d curser are pretty perfect already, I can do all the kinds of snapping that I’ve been able to do in other software. I think the only thing missing is “snap to the middle of a line/center of a face” type thing? Maybe I should make a video tutorial dedicated to snapping?

For other:
Game dev/prototyping (2.79/upbge)
3D printing


Yes, I was wondering about that myself. I’m not sure what snapping options are available in the CAD realm though, might be more sophisticated - I’m just one of those poly guys myself.

I’ll definitely add 3D printing next time, it seems it’s a bigger thing than I thought.

Other: sculpting

that may qualify as modeling for games/vfx depending on it’s usage. I’m gonna add prototyping/3dprinting and maybe a 3d illustration option next time :slight_smile:

there are many things that could be improved with snapping.

for example a thing that always annoys me is how snapping behaves when an axis constraint is active. why can’t i move a vertex, contrain movement to x-axis and snap to a face? (basically a line, plane intersection.)

you mean like when you move a vert, constrain to axis and snap top vert? that’d snap it to that position just on the axis.

yes, but it currently doesn’t work if you want to snap to edges or faces. i dont see a good reason for that. should be very easy to implement.

i don’t understand your examples. this can be easily done already in blender? i don’t know what you are doing wrong but i can snap from a certain vertex to a certain vertex on the other object in blender. just like in the other apps you showed. :slight_smile:

but i agree that snapping and precision modelling could be improved in many areas.