[Poll] What are you using Blender for?

ah, right. haven’t tried that, only vert selections. still getting used to blender. :slight_smile:

How dow you do that exactly?

what is the easiest way to create those screen capture gifs? :slight_smile:

…but it works like that:

let’s say you have two suzannes next to each other.

turn on vertex snapping mode and set “snap to” to active. (it also works with closest but then you first have to bring the vertices close by eyeballing.)
go into edit mode in one suzanne. select all vertices, make the vertex you want to use for snapping active. then move and snap to a vertex on the other suzanne.

edit: hm… yeah, this shifts the object origin. :confused: they should make this kind of snapping also work in object mode.

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Yes, that´s the problem. You can not do this easily in Object mode which you sometimes need if you want to work fluently.

Another workaround is to set Target to “Center” and the Pivot Center to “3D Cursor”. Then enter edit mode snap, the 3D Cursor to the relevant Vertex of your source object. Go to object mode and snap to the vertex on your target object.
Of course that is pretty cumbersome as well.

What I find to be the fastest is to somehow move the source vertex near your target vertex and then snap with “closest” active.
This is still a pretty bad solution but the best I´ve come across.

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Other: Create subdivision models for sale online.

Other: Create 3d renders as illustrations.


Mostly for other purposes:

Translating 2D sketches to 3D product models and visualizations, such as translating character sketches to figures for retail promotion campaigns, toys and retail products, e.g. lamps for children’s rooms.

You’re invited to https://metinseven.nl for an impression.

I do still switch between Blender and ZBrush, but as Blender’s Sculpt Mode matures I find myself spending the majority of my time in Blender.

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product rendering

yes, somehow i also had this in my mind (i thought i always did it like that in my projects) but at the moment this doesn’t seem to work for me anymore with two suzannes for testing. :confused:

edit: another workaround would be using an empty for snapping. parenting and then removing the parenting while keeping the transformation. i find it a bit less cumbersome than the method with the cursor. probably this could be automated quite well with a small and simple addon. it would look like in BD3D’s autocad and max gifs.

sorry to pitch in guys, I don’t see what the issue is (I’m more of a visual type). You’re trying to snap an object on a specific vertex to the vertex of another object? (just trying to understand the problem)

Like this?

Medical illustration, game development, and as a tool for working with special needs children (say what you will, but blender has one hella of a reward cycle if you have a decent instructor)

Ok, now put the monkey back into its original position and try snapping a vertex of the other ear in the same way.

like this?

Well, yes, but without changing the objects origin.
Snapping from vertex of one object to a vertex of another object is possible in several ways, for example the ones kakapo and me described above. However, it is not possible to do in a convenient way like in CAD software or 3ds max, where you can simply chose one vertex to snap from and one vertex to snap to without having to go through several other steps.

Look at that one gif above posted by BD3D. It shows several programs snapping. All of them do it better than Blender. There is no entering edit mode or any other additional steps. They simply snap one vertex of the first object to a vertex of a second object.


Ah, I see, got you. I agree, depending on what you’re using Blender for that could be quite handy.

Pipeline TD and CG generalist working in animation (animated series)

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Jewelry design, jewelry 3D printing. Jewelry render and animations. 3D teaching.
I love the freedom that Blender gives us to create. Blender has a lot of tools to explore and create in many ways. I hope it will keep evolving like that for many years to come.

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i started to experiment with an addon and it’s quite promising so far. i think it will work out… maybe i can finish it in the next days.

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There allready are addons which do that. I am not sure if they are available for 2.80.

ah, ok. where can i find them?

Well, there is the following but I´m pretty certain that there are others:

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