Poll: which blender area needs most improvement.

With the busy developers’ limited time, hopefully this will help develop the most needed feature.

physics- modelling- materials
would be my top three, in that order

modeling (I use it a lot for modeling)
rendering (I use it for rendering too)
UI (it just needs it no doubt)

rendering - rendering - rendering
GI, soft raytraced shadows, image based lighting, photon mapping, better AO

My top three.

-Physics, it would really benefit to have all the systems work together
-Modeling, Bmesh wouldn’t hurt right now.
-The Game Engine, not many developers care about the poor Game Engine, it has fallen way behind most of the other aspects of Blender.

It is not fair to make modeling so generalized. I mean Nurbs should either be DROPPED or brought to the level of MOI or Rhino.

to the level of MoI or Rhino? thats a joke right? :eyebrowlift2:

sure I wish it could happen, but such development is like, well, I can’t even think of anything more difficult. Any takers?

What about lighting?

I would love to have nice soft shadows from all applicable lights.All the workarounds I have to use kill my render times, and waste time in general.

The only time I need card board cutout shadows is if I am doing a cartoon render.

My top three:

  1. Physics: cloth, soft-bodies that maintain volume, fluids improvements.
  2. Modelling: more control over shape keys, bevel, dissolve, n-gons, manipulation improvements.
  3. Rendering: GI, normal maps improvement.

You’d think that with about a dozen relatively recent feature request party threads already in the archives that the devs might not be so well disposed to yet another group of people, all with their own opinions on what they need done for them, clamouring for the developers to pack more projects into their already busy schedule.

I’m not sure who it was, but I think I recall a dev saying something like “as if we don’t already know what needs to be done.” Don’t take me up on it, though, because I wouldn’t be able to remember who for love or money.

Well, there’s this and this and a few others this month. Not all hope is lost for NURBS.

I sure would love to see some better nurbs in Blender, but if we get a decent bevel/chamfer that would ease the pain for me. So modeling is my biggest concern.

Erm don’t give a crap about nurbs :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah but I reckon it would be great to get some uv stuff and stuff similar to modo. And make it easier to rig things because I find it really confusing having to have like 10 bones just for a foot. Should be some kind of special foot bone or something. Actually pretty much everything needs pimping.

I would like to see more improvements in the Sequence Editor. I use this part of Blender A LOT - and it can be frustrating at times because the ability to precisely and quickly move items in the editors is enough to cause permanent frown-itis in my forehead.

The thing that would be of utmost use is the ability to place an object in the sequence editor and simply type in the starting frame instead of dragging. Also, a media bin would be nice that shows what you have used (for reuse).

The new feature (color mattes) needs improvement because when you use it, you actually cannot see the text (overlay) in the editor, as it blends into the background, making it difficult to work with.

I could go on and on, but suffice it so say, the sequence editor, could use more work.

Internal GI, modeling, materials.

Well I am sure Bmesh is just around the corner, and so that will take care of most of my modeling frustrations ( though blender makes one a cleaner modeler since there aren’t any ngons, I am mostly hoping for that bevel feature and collapse components, or dissolve components feature), other than that, a revisit to the paint verticies feature and give it a little boost in features and power, than 3d painting would be complete.

Animation tools are a still needed, but once again, are coming so really I think as blackboe stated, I did read the same thing somewhere “as if we don’t already know what needs to be done.”. So I will leave it in their hands.

I seem to be one of the only ones that sees the importance of adding a better sound system. The one that Blender curently has isn’t very good. It only allows one format and you can’t do any major sound editing, such as adjusting the speed, pitch, etc. Also the part about simulating it in the GE would be cool too.

Possible NURBANA integraton?:smiley: This is really great news!!!

After playing with MOI (http://moi3d.com/) for a while I do not thing that usual answer of polimodelers “NURBS are dead” is correct :yes:

oh, i agree MOI is sweet(im a polymodeler btw), and don’t see why nurbs would have to be dead… though, i really dont use nurbs so… yeah, i just wont take part of this poll… :stuck_out_tongue:

there should be an artificial dev feature, like a built in dev in the program, name a feature, then auto dev instantly adds the new feature.
so the real devs can be left to do their work.