Pollution Thread

What’s up with pollution folks? Do you have any ideas to fix the situation?
Just curious…


The most obvious way, imo, would be for many people to stop buying so much pointless crap in vain attempts at making themselves happier. I would say that essentially that’s the gist of it, because our consumerist society creates a huge demand for all sorts of junk.

Correct. To manufacture stuff creates pollution. Do you really need a new as-seen-on-TV gadget? How much did you suffer in the past, when you didn’t know it existed. The less you buy, the less you contribute to pollution.

Here’s an easy, not-too-painful way to cut down on pollution: don’t buy bottled water. It’s no different than the water in your tap. The bottles take literally tons of plastic and fuel to produce, and once they’re empty they end up in a landfill at best, or in the wilderness at worst. Shipping gallons of water from the bottling plant to the store is also a tremendous waste of energy. So try this: go buy a good, high-quality bottle and fill it at your tap whenever you’re going somewhere. This is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Or if you live near a clean mountain stream fill your bottle in the stream or lap up the water like an animal:)

Pollution is a real problem, we need a system of high speed Maglev trains, they’ll take tons of cars off the road.

I would not recommend that. Bacteria live in “wild” water, and you can get really sick. I know you were kidding, but someone might take you seriously.

Better public transportation is a great idea, but the trick will be to get it up to the standards of convenience which people are used to. People accustomed to driving anywhere on their own schedule will not take easily to going everywhere by a railroad timetable. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea (I support it wholeheartedly) but it’s not going to be a smooth road, so to speak.

I wasn’t kidding, we actually did that at Grand Teton national park near a waterfall, we filled our bottles in the cold water and drank the water, and we didn’t get sick or queasy at all.

Come to think of it you’re more likely to have things like allergies if you allow your immune system to have it all cushy with an over hygienic life. I read that allergy levels are lower in third world countries then places like the United States. I’ve done things like licking my fingers after handling a garter snake and letting a dog lick the inside of my mouth and I don’t remember exactly when I was sick with something other then a cold as it was years ago at the least. The dog and snake thing was much more recent and I didn’t get sick.

I happen to agree with CD in this case. “Wild water” is not bad for you. A nice water filter will take care of any parasites. I lived literally in the woods for a while and all we had was a stream for fresh water. No one got ill and we didn’t even use water filters or boil the water. We didn’t quite suck it up from the stream like animals though…Dr. Morreau would not approve of that, and we didn’t want to go to the house of pain. :slight_smile:

:eek: Uhhh…the “dog licking the inside of my mouth”-thing? :eek: Please, tell me that was a joke. I’ve heard of puppy love but, daaaang!

dude… CD, that is just gross… Did you do it on purpose, like, to build up your immune system, or was it just an accident?

Dog spit…
Many breeds commonly use their dog saliva as a common remedy for wounds, infections and injuries.
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Kernond, no I’m not kidding, my friend’s licky dog really did do this.

I knew his dog liked to lick all over my face, but then I decided to open my mouth and let him lick inside it, and I let him do it, he licked up my nose too.

you’re an idiot. :expressionless: Sorry if that’s classified as flaming but it has to be said.

Meanwhile…Back to pollution?

Make a big freezer freeze some ocean water and get a big helicopter and dump it into the ocean!


Now the planet is going to roast!


It’s great when degenerates make such useful contributions to threads like these.

we live in too much of a "Disposible " society…

We have let the manufacturers run amok , and now nothing we buy can be repaired without their consent or approval .

Look at all the “New and advanced” cars we have now… if you so much as bump into something it causes 200$-1000$ worth of damage. The old cars could handle minor collisions without much fuss at all.

How about all the disposable pens we buy? I have a nice old cross pen at my desk… as soon as it runs out of ink… I just buy more ink, not a whole dam pen.

I also hate all the new “shoplifter proof” packaging… I bought a packet of paper clips last Friday at staples, and it came in a #$%^ing 8x11 inch package, for a little 2x2 inch package. Who the hell shoplifts paper clips anyways???

Oh, but they have to jam in as many crumple zones as possible to maximize safety. :rolleyes:

I also hate all the new “shoplifter proof” packaging… I bought a packet of paper clips last Friday at staples, and it came in a #$%^ing 8x11 inch package, for a little 2x2 inch package. Who the hell shoplifts paper clips anyways???

Yeah, that stuff is ridiculous. I would be quite surprised if the expense is actually worth the reduction in shoplifting.

Speaking of packaging, it annoys the hell out of me to see Tim Horton’s (and other coffee shops/fast-food chains’) garbage all over the place, all the time. If it’s a daily habit, I don’t see why it’s so hard for people to bring their drinks from home, or at the very least their own mug.

One of the good things about Europe and some other places is that people are used to living with expensive and limited resources, so they are much more effective at curbing waste and implementing alternatives. It’s also nice to see more states following California’s lead in a lot of this. Unfortunately, the boneheaded federal governments here in North America only go to show that most people don’t care all that much.

WOW for once i actually have to give you some serious credit! your right about that.

you know a home dog’s mouth is cleaner than humans. :wink:
though i agree still gross.