Decided to have some fun with volumetrics with this one, Wasn’t sure how I was gonna approach this but it worked out at the end. I did smoke sims at the beginning but I didn’t like how it looked and it got messy to do them for multiple cooling towers so I decided to model the clouds and add displacements to finish the shape. I’ve learned some things from this render so i’m a step closer again to being good at 3D. :slight_smile:

This was made for Blender52 with the theme Pollution


Great !
I love it,
I love how 3D can be use to talk about environmental issues…
Most ppl just do ‘‘wow’’ 3d model to impress the 3d community,
But these kind of picture can really change ppl mind.

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Here is one of my render about Climate Change…
It’s the Olympic Stadium in Montreal (really know building here in Montreal)
If we continue to put CO2 into the atmosphere, water level will rise and this could happen.

I have import 3D model from google map, to have good scale and texture. It had took me quite a while to figure it out.

I had then use the new Nishita sky texture and the new Ocean modifier.



Looks really great, good story behind it and your render shows what climate change can do one day.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thats really cool, like that camera angle along with the chair, cans and trees in the foreground which really set the mood.

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