Polorix closed?

I can’t seem to access http://uploader.polorix.net. Anybody know if this is a permanent change or if it’s just temporary?


seems like the site is down.
I don’t like the Closed message, that’s worrying.
the site has been down before.
let’s hope it get’s back up!

No dice for me either. I have a fair bit of stuff on there…

Backed up of course.

Backed up of course.

Of course!
Still, I have all my material library’s there.
It’s gonna be a pain to find somewhere decent to upload them.
Without all the pop ups, enter numbers, wait 45 seconds.
Just a decent no frills upload site.

I recently bought arexma.net and along with it 12GiB of webspace/unlimited traffic. pretty cheap, 23 Euro per year.

Fact is i will prolly never need the 12GiB. I am not allowed to resell the webspace, but i am a GNU/CC/GPL boy anyway so who wants to? :smiley:

However i was thinking on getting some decent php file managment system with accounting… bottomline. i could offer those of you who really need it webspace with a personal account through a webinterface… BA support if you want to call it that way.
Unfortunately i can only setup 3 ftp accounts else this would be ways easier :smiley:
If i got time i can setup such a upload site which would be invitation only or if someone else finds a template or has one for a php webuploader with account system and want´s to share it this could be setup even faster.

IF its really needed, IMO 23EU/32USD is pretty cheap for a year and i was annoyed by all the upload services so i bought myself some space…

I just signed up for Polorix yesterday and now it’s down.

I have the same problem too. :eyebrowlift2:

Hope it is some temporary maintenance. :yes:


I also had this problem (glad to see it’s not only me). Checked member list and found I was no longer on it so re-registered at

and uploaded .zip file, following site’s instructions.

Dunno if this was right or not.

Great job NCubed.
that’s our guy.

so is cdupload the successor to polorix? are the sites related in some fashion?

Good find, NCubed.

So, what happened to all my old files? All links broken? I can’t log in.

AFAIK, they are gone, kaput, finito, deep-sixed, nuked, vaporized into drifting cyberbits, hey, just choose your metaphor.

How about MediaFire? You don’t even have to sign up, and I get like 500 kbps upload it’s absolutely insane!

EDIT: Was Polorix hacked and they had to shut it down, give access to only the developers (hence the username and password thing) so they can try to rid it of viruses or hackers and then get it back up again? Or maybe they just stole all our pics…

Could someone tell me how to sign up?

This may sound silly, but when I try to go to the sign up page it stops because i’m not signed up!

Any help is welcome.

You can’t, it’s closed! Seriously…
there is this website though:

I’m not wanting to host anything, I just want to download a file somebody else hosted, but it says I have to log in first.

Minifig, the site & all files on it are gone. dead. buried.
the site no longer exists.
you will have to find the files you want elsewhere.

Oh, :frowning: .