Poly Build tool not working in 2.8

Hi, I’m having trouble with Poly Build tool in 2.8. It should build polygons based on the trigger edges marked as pink, as it shows on the left. When I try it in a new file it works correctly. But when I try to use the tool in an existing file, it just keep drawing these continuous standalone edges ignoring any existing polygon, as it shows on the right. What’s going on? Is this a bug or something?

(Also, is it possible to solve the key mapping conflict on Ctrl + click? By default it inserts vertex on the edge, but also snaps to the grid at the same time. )


I’ve noticed that when you hide Blender’s new navigation Gizmo the PolyBuild tool will behave in the manner you’re describing. Clicking the “Show Gizmo” button in the top right corner of the viewport (Or using the kb shortcut Ctrl + ` ) may fix things for you as it did for me.
It’s probably a bug.


Yeah that seems to be the problem, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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I’m in later builds (2.92) and this is still not working if you turn off Gizmos.

Thanks for the answer. I was getting frustrated with a broken Polybuild Tool occasionally and would have never guessed Gizmos!