Poly-by-poly Head Mesh

Hi All,

Spent quite a bit of time finishing one of my more complete humanoid heads. I would appreciate critique on mesh flow and how much more detail do I need to add.

Blend file:



I’m just a newbie myself, so these words are just my five pennies, not rules carved in stone:

  • Avoid placing 5-poles (vertices where 5 edges meet) near sharp ridges (like around the eyes).
  • The density of your mesh is rather even all over the head. Typically, details should be added locally where needed (i.e. eyes, nose, mouth). In your head there is a lot of detail in the forehead while the nose remains lowres. I would prefer the opposite relation.

I absolutely recommend this sticky thread started by toontje. Its not always simple to follow, but a great start.

/ Mats