poly count arg

okay from what ive heard for a game your character model should be about 2,000 polys and the scenery about 10,000 polys (is this right?) how in the heck do you guys get your models down to 2,000?

maybe its just a habit of mine to make everything so detailed but my models even when im trying to cut back are at around 14,000 polys.

im working on a model right now and just the character plus clothes is (was) yet again 14,000 polys ive been madly merging alot of them and have got it down to 12,000 but i still need to get rid of another…10,000 :spin: .

can anyone give me some tips and suggestions on keeping the poly count as low as 2,000? (or whatever a good amount is) and what are the effects of having character models with many polys. (im assuming it will just lower the fps).

I think one of the standard tricks is to make the mesh relatively undetailed and low poly, but make the materials and textures suggest the details.

ah thank you that makes alot of sense ill try that

2000 polys characters are very low poly, nowdays you should target for 3000 to 4000 polys.
Make your character undetailed, and then make a high polygon version of your character. Then make a normal map of the highpolygon version for the low polygon, render it, and you’ll have a detailed low-poly character that looks like a high-poly.

Below I have attached some pics of a character I made recently, to see what I’m saying.

Low poly version

High poly version (about 1000000 polys)

The maps made out of the high-poly

And the final character

thanks that looks great ill definetly try to do something like that