Poly count?

Yeah, I’ve been searching everywhere, but I can’t find an answer to a question that I have… Is there a way to count the number of polys that your model has in Blender?


Upper right-hand corner should tell you all you need to know - number of faces, vertices, edges and objects.

Hope that helps! :wink:

Ah. So that’s what all those things are! :expressionless:


wait so are verts the number of polys or is it verts times faces

The “Fa:” stands for faces. But since you’ll have mostly (if not only) quadruple faces in your model and the polycount really is the number of triangular faces in your model, it’ll be about twice that number. If you press F12 and look at the number of faces in the renderwindow you’ll get the polycount.

thanks you.

Don’t double the polycount, try to find the decimator instead that’s a tri counter. In 2.37 it was under the editing buttons, don’t know where it is now or if they have erased it. If you find it please tell me where it is.

It’s a Modifier.


It doesn’t work for me “Manifold error”