Poly normal always aligned with camera? Tree textures?

Can you make blender have a polygon always face the camera. In other software I have used this was called “axis with alpha”.

To be more specific I would like to make some trees like these:

…but have them in an animation where the camera angle is changing. I know that the closer you are to these trees while moving the stranger it will look but I will be relatively far from these trees and there will be lots of them.

also, anyone know where we can get some high quality tree textures. I saw the success russmanx had asking about wood textures… Figured I’d do the same for trees. I’m looking for trees like this:
but preferably hi-res!

Thanks for any help you may give. Cheers!

In blender you use a locked track for this.

eg. blend file


Just grab the camera and move it around to see how it works. In the example I also had the camera track the plane but this isn’t necessary.


Thanks GreyBeard, exactly the effect I was looking for. You just opened up another set of tools that I haven’t used much.

Trees textures anyone?