Poly.Planet Tanks

I was messing around last night and suddenly I ended up with an actual game…
…with a point.
…and gameplay.
…and objectives and all that stuff…
…and I called it.
‘Cube World Tanks’! But there’s already a game called ‘Cube World’, so that doesn’t work…
So I thought for a while today and ended up with ‘Poly.Planet Tanks’

Right now it’s two-player splitscreen only, and only the Deathmatch mode is “done”.

The main idea is that your on this Cube shaped planet, and you can drive around it… and your bullet… shell… thingys “curve” around the planet as they go.
Pretty simple, right?

There’s only two gamemodes currently, Deathmatch and ‘Missile Command’.

Deathmatch is well… Deathmatch. Two people fight to the death in a match.

‘Missile Command’ is going to be a bit like the ‘King of the Hill’ mode in most FPS’s… only with a Missile.

There’s also a day-night cycle…
And in there is some ‘not-restarting-the-scene’ style re-spawning in the ‘Missile Command’ mode.

I’m still finishing the Missile Command mode, and there’s some more to do with Deathmatch… and I want to add a Capture The Flag style thing involving the moon and some more map-type-things.

Anywho, tell me what’cha think and toss any ideas towards me.


Just a quick video showing just how the game looks/works and what exactly the ‘Missile Command’ mode looks like.


cool idea! i like the flares and the way the tanks can go to the other side of the plane

After a long period of slacking and procrastination.
I present Poly-Planet Tanks version 2!

It’s a lot easier to make new levels for, the graphics are better, and stuff actually explodes!
Self squee!


You defs got the idea for wilhem off of Invasion Of the Cow Snatchers. :wink:

I was not aware of Invasion Of the Cow Snatchers, but now I am.