Poly Reduction?

Is there any way to remove hidden polys in Blender? When the LDRAW import scripts bring in a model, they bring in the whole thing, ordinarily fine, but these are destined for the game Homeworld 2. I don’t need all those polys that aren’t even visible.


You can select the visible poly’s in the normal way and then invert the selection and delete. (Select menu in the 3d header)


I understand what you’re saying, but how do I “normally select” the polys? Just clicking on all the polys I see?

Here is the model I’m working on, btw:


in solid view click b twice to give you the round select tool and pass it over the faces you can see, with the square thing clicked for the visible only select mode ( i hope that makes sense )

Woo!!! I deleted a couple faces I wanted on accident, but that chopped the count by 2 thirds, it’s down around where I need it now. Thanks very much y’all!