Poly to Poly modelling method =B

Last sunday I was searching for a comprehensive and easy to make tutorial about heads, and I saw an post by Torq(very old) about drawing a head edges first and filling them later, because that was the best way to animate and model the object.
I had the idea(maybe others too) to use this in body modelling, and not only in the head, and my results were wonderfull(considering I´m a begginer), take a look
Say what you think about it :slight_smile:

Note: Click the images for a better view,and the tutorial is at the bottom of the post :smiley:


At the breast there are some triangles and you should always try to avoid triangles, cause they f**k up your model if you turn on subsurf. It’s a good start. There isn’t many Blender tutorials to be found but I’m not sure if your loops are completely right but atleast it’s a good start.

The reason TorQ’s tutorial is old is that no one’s been able to improve on it. Shadowkawaii, you’ve got a very nice model. Excellent beginning. Welcome to BlenderArtists.

In addition to the modeling method (called poly by poly, BTW), TorQ is also showing how edge loops are placed to match the muscle flow underneath the skin, also an important consideration. tolobán has a thread in the Focused Critique forum that shows how he does loops for the torso, concentrating on the shoulders and back.

Yes, I had noticed it too Robin,I will improve the model more later, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
and thanks for the references Orinoco, they will be very useful :smiley:
I will try to make a model from this charater of mine for a PC game, The more it reminds the picture better
and continue to show my model weak points so I can upgrade it more and more!


and a question I have is about dividing a quad, why when I cut with subdivide one of them,in the middle appears two of the so hated triangles?

If the triangles appear next to eachother then just merge them to a quad by pressig F while they are selected or you could merge two of your vertices. The latter may be a bit harder but if you do it right then you can save you topology. Also it’s better if you would try to use the loop cut instead of the cut exact and the others, even if they most of the time make quads.

It’s time to check your private messages.

Sorry :o , my Internet is an ugly thing,here is the image if you still want to see it,and the loop cut don´t cut all the mesh? I want to cut only especific parts


Atleast you can join two of the triangles that are next to eachother with F.

Should of not subdivided but made an edge loop using CTRL+R so that it cuts the whole loop in two

Yes, I will try that, the method of subdividing only specific parts isn´t going very well (but it worked in other programs)…
Should I post for beginners a tutorial about how I did the body on poly to poly, so we can upgrade this method?

Yeah, do that. It could get pretty useful later I think, but ATM there’s too many triangles.

Yeah, I will post gradualy the tutorial with only the basics, and we will work on it for an optimization of the method
It is the first part.
For the begginers who read this tutorial, don´t forget which this is an under development tutorial(and pointing a weak spot or presenting an idea would be very good :smiley: )
Here I created a plane(space>mesh>plane), deleted three vertex(edit mode>vertex) and placed the remaining in the place it would be the feet


Here is the second part
I extruded the vertex one time, then extruded the other till I get a lateral form of a human, then I joined(F key) the starting and ending vertex(be carefull because each vertex should have an oposite one, in a way they create a quad)
I made edges between each two oposite vertex(F key) and I filled the resulting spaces(select two oposite edges and press F key)


third part
I selected all faces with face mode+A key, changed to side view, and extruded by 0.8(x or y depending of the view)
I recomend working only in this half for now, using the mirror modifier and subsurf catmull-clark at level 1 for a preview about how the model would be finished, but DO NOT APPLY THEM , only select them


fourth part
I made a loop subdivide(Ctrl+r) and cut the middle of the leg)
I eliminate all faces In this part and joined the remaining vertex, and subdivided where it was necessary so I could fill the spaces to form a neck
Then I loop subdivided the leg in the lateral view, and the side of the feet too


Fifth part
loop subdividing the model and seeing the results after some adjustments


sixth part
more adjustments and mirrowing the other side with do clipping and a value which don´t cause detail lose


last part the seventh part :smiley:

Here is how my model become after using this method,if you need to improve the model more I recomend deleting half of the model and mirrowing again after the adjustments.

The head and hands were created using the same method, the hair started with a simple plane+a lot of extrude+loop subdivide


I will keep this space in case more pictures need to be posted in the tutorial