Polycount in Blender

Just wanted to know if there is a way to get the total polycount of only the viewed meshes in the Blender viewport?

in the upper right of your screen there is a face count. It only counts meshes that are on the current layer(s).

Thank you, jrkirby. Did not know that was dependent on layers. Now I can have a complete poly count of my meshes for my character. Awesome.

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one more question though, is there anyway to get an accurate count of tris rather than just faces form my character. This may seem picky but I don’t want to just multiply this by 2 to get a triangle count when I have triangles present in the topology, this method will multiply the triangles as well. I want an accurate count without having to do the math myself.

Just to note - Next release (2.64) will have tri count up on the header in edit mode also:

That will be handy to have! Not as handy as when I was working with an open source theme park creation project (we were very worried about tri/polys due to the potential for how much could be on screen at once) but still handy