Polycount - Jet Moto Challenge (Realtime/gameart) (Large images)

Ok this is my entry for the jet moto challenge over at polycount;

entirely modeled in blender

Hope you like it :wink:


4581 Triangles (see techshot)

3 textures diffuse/spec/[email protected]

Made in: Blender, xnorlmal, photoshop

Rendered in 8monkeylab’s marmoset engine


#2 I LIKE IT!!!

#3 Little question, it’s all tri’s. How do you do it? Like, how do you model such a beautiful machine with so many triangle faces?

Thanks man,

I’m glad you like it^^

regarding the triangle question, its modeled in quads but triangulated cause the challenge set a triangle limit and not a polygon limit. Its only for proof^^

Ahhh ok so you did model it it in quads, but converted to tris. That makes sense. Dude I was thinking there for a minute, “this guy’s nuts…”.

Anyway, nice model. Flying motorcycle?

Yep flying motorcylce :smiley: