PolyCount - Weekly Hard Surface Challenge


Has anyone else being following it?.

I’ve been thinking of doing it to improve my skills and for fun.
I’ve figured that this would be the best place to post this since allot of people that are both novice and experienced drop by this part of the forum at least once every visit.Also it’s related to learning modeling so…

I would recommend it, I only did the models up to week 5 but it’s deffo worth its weight in time. I actually spend more time on PolyCount than BA, I know it’s a sin :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out the weekly guns and firearms challenge too…

Will do,thanks.

I’ve only recently started lurking on PolyCount,thinking of making an account when i get home.

I recently did the first few on the previous hard surface challenge. You can learn a lot there:

How long does it take to activate your account on PolyCount,it’s been 3-4 days i’ve posted in the introduction thread and my posts are always pending moderation.