Polygon count

Hey I’m just getting into 3D modeling and yesterday I finished my first model. Blender says it has 2k Faces in Edit mode and 8k faces in object mode (in both it has 4K Tris). If I import it to unity it has 16k polygons. Why are there different face/polygon counts for different modes + does anyone know why I have even more polygons in unity?

Are you using modifiers? Most are not displayed in the count when in edit mode, for example the mirror modifier shows only count that isn’t virtual geometry. Also check your export settings and the “apply modifiers” setting. If you have a subdivision modifier just for previewing but forget to uncheck it at the export setting, it’s applied. Also check for duplicate verts: In edit mode, select all, an merge by distance 0.0001.

Yes thank you I forgot to apply the subdivision modifier. Now it says 16k Tris, which I finally could get down to like 4-8 with the decimate modifier.

Does it turn them into tris?

First about the modes: In edit mode, only the geometry of the object is shown, without modifiers. In object mode, all objects (+ modifiers) will be included in the number of verts/faces/tris. If you have only a single object in a scene, only the modifiers are at play in object mode.

As for game engines, edges are split at seams, for instance. So if you have a cube (8 vertices) and mark all edges as seams, you will end up with 24 vertices. Also, if your settings for tangents/normals are incorrect, the engine may end up splitting edges on import. Of course, there could be other things I am not aware of at work here. (The above is true for UE4, but I believe it applies generally to game engines.)

Lastly, game engines work with triangles so that when you bring a quad in, it is converted into two triangles affecting the number of polygons but not vertices. Best to just convert quads to tris in Blender before exporting. In edit mode, select all, and press CTRL-T. In some cases it is better to manually create the triangles to get the effect you need relative to adjacent faces.