Polygon count

What would be a comfortable polygon count for both working with in an editor and for doing final render? For example, if your just doing animation you probably are only going to work with a low resolution object and only need to see a higher resolution object when you model / sculpt or do your final render.

Its all very scene specific but I would guess 100k would cover most animation sessions, chunks of about a million for most modeling sessions and probably upwards of 10-100 million for rendering. It all really has to do with your trying to do.

just experiment, if your computer becomes laggy, turn the subserf/ multiturs down:)

try to ceep the total polycount as lo as possible without affecting the final render, more polys takes longer to render

the lower the better for working with. its all reletive to what you are doing.

sometimes you can achieve the cube you want with 6 polygons (or 12) and sometimes you need a few thousand to get the cube you want.

Actually interested in what you would want to work with rather than what you would have to work with, within reason of course. The numbers I gave I think are about accurate but I could be very off.

I’m doing software development in the field of modeling and animation and wanted to set targets for me to reach with my rendering engine - on a medium end 2k workstation (GeForce 8800GTX or Ultra basically). Both real time workspace rendering and final rendering.