Polygon Forest

I’m working on a polygon style nature set for use in games. I’m curious what people think of the style and color scheme. I’d also like any suggestions for shapes I could use or styles for bushes. It’s public domain and the file is linked.

Updated to add more tree color variations.

[Link Removed]


I like the style. This is fun.

I tried lining up the trees with the bushes, etc. and positioning them in cycles.

I suggest not having berries on all the bushes. And each bush, grass matches color of a tree, all lined up.

I went back and only used two greens for the leaf parts. I was concerned about to much color variation. I was going to add in more bushes and rework these to make the berries have less polygons. I might duplicate the trees and add uniform colors across each set. Thinking about adding a light blue almost white snow colored set.

I think your trees were the best. Maybe good idea to focus on the trees first, like I see with the update. Then bushes. Then grasses and rocks.

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