Polygon Hair & Polygon Eyelashes

I’ve been having a couple of issues texturing polygon hair, and eyelashes. I can’t find any tutorials on eyelashes. I know how to make the ends transparent or blend out using alpha map, but how do you go about doing the eyelashes in such manner? Also when Modeling hair, do make flat 2D planes, or would you give the hair volume (using 3d polygon)? It’s has been something I’ve been struggling with for a while now. Haven’t found any tutorials on eyelashes except for 3DS Max.


Hey there,

for a tutorial on doing 2d eyelashes i.e. textures for polygons go here: http://www.madartgraphics.com/tutorials/face4.htm

If you follow the link to the main site you’ll find a GREAT tutorial on painting a face’s texture.

As for your other question (EDIT: It seems I didn’t read your question thoroughly enough :frowning: The following is meant for eyelashes only): I tried using flat planes combined with alpha and color maps for textures. I ended up with using particle hair though. I duplicated one edge of the corresponding eye lid and separated it. On this edge I activated the particle hair thus being able to groom eyelashes on it. Make sure you parent this edge to the head mesh or the head bone in case you want to move your character.

Here is the thread for my character: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=137819

try to google I’m sure you can find tutorial from there I found site for this before but just can’t find it too now…I will keep you posted if I already find it.