Polygon Hair

iam having a really hard time in strand rendering so i taught of making a polygon type of hair but i dont have any clue on starting or even doing it… guys do you know how???

I thought this section was a place where people could post tutorials. Anyway, maybe this will help.

That’s one way of creating Polygon hair. An easier way can be using strands to control each strand.

Polygon hair is pretty simple. Just make a rectangular plane (longer vertically length wise), use a loop cut, add about 5 horizontal loops, then add one vertical cut in the middle. Select all everything in edit mode and unwrap it at this step. Then take the middle vertical edge and drag it out a bit so that it looks more like a tent. Add a subsurf modifier to it, place it somewhere near the head of your character and use shift+d to duplicate it and add it to the head then go to edit mode and shape it to your liking, keep duplicating the original template hair and adding it to the head, each one of these should be the size of a clump of hair so don’t make them too small. Once you have a few on the head, you can duplicate those and change them around to save some time. After you have the entire head full, select all of the hairs and hit ctrl+j to make them into one object, add a new material and add whatever hair texture you like to it, make sure you use an alpha map otherwise it’ll just be solid blocks of hair and won’t look nice. This won’t really give you any “real” looking hair, but it works well and is fast for getting something passable. You can also add cloth physics to it and vertex paint all the roots, which gives it some decent physics if done right.

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