Polygon Hair

I’m trying to accomplish something like this hair:

I can’t seem to accomplish it using a hair particle simulation, so I figured that the best idea would be to try out polygon hair. However, I’m not entirely sure how do that either. Does anyone have any tips on how to mimic this hair style?

personally, I would make a duplicate of your head, then use dynatopo to sculpt in the hair, then use retopo to make you final poly hair over the sculpted version.

Duplicate scalp mesh, separate, add Solidify modifier and model a bit, i’d say.

Thanks. I’ll give this a shot.

since eppo made an illustration, I must now also make an illustration. :slight_smile:

Whoa… That looks way complicated. I’m really just trying to model cartoons, so I think it would make more sense for me to follow the other technique.

well, once you have learned the basics of sculpting and retopo, it’s quite easy. Aside from sculpting the example head, which I then decimated, to make it low poly, the process took about 10 minutes. I could probably finish it in about a half hour, I’m guessing, if I was actually using it for something. Of course it takes a little longer to learn sculpting, and retopo. Very useful for a lot of things though.