Polygon Index In Viewport?

At one point we were able to view the polygon index in the viewport when a mesh is in edit mode.

Is that still possible in 2.71?

No. But I wish that Blender have this function. Not just for viewing but rearrange the index. Its going to be very useful in ‘Build modifier’.


Apologies if I am misunderstanding the question but do you mean the Index Order numers?

In 2.71 they are disabled by default but they can be enabled in a couple of ways:

In the Python Console type:

bpy.app.debug = True

Then toggle into Edit Mode and goto the Mesh Display Panel and tick the indices options

You can also start Blender from the command line with the --debug option and again go into
edit mode and then to the Mesh Display Panel and select the indices option.

There is also an add called the Index Visualizer Addon which you can get here:

Which when enabled will add extra option to the N Panel, it can not only display vertex index
number but also edge and face index numbers.

the bpy.app.debug = True

looks interesting and did not know it could show indices !

nice little trick !


happy bl