Polygon Valley

Hi everyone!

I decided to do a little project in a polygon style. My idea is to have a waterfall as the midpoint of the image (where currently only rocks are) and a few animals who are living in the woods around it. The atmosphere is currently missing, not quite sure yet what I will do. Maybe the last sun rays are hitting the valley filling everything in a warm, orangish color. Or maybe it is spring and the life comes back to the waterfall, who knows?
Let me know what you think of the current progress.


I don’t know what it is, but i really like low-poly scenes like what you’re doing here. They make me feel comfortable.

Whatever you do to it next, I’ll be sure to enjoy it!

Nice work so far! :slight_smile:

maybe add a small wooden hut on the left side ontop of the hill
make it look a bit abandonded but stilll has a person living there
it will add some kind of story
you should still stick with the waterfall
it might also be a good idea to have some kind of picnic next to the river to add atmosphere

almost forgot: looks great, what kind of scene do you want to make?
looking foreward to seeing it

here is some of my early work

I like the color and light choices, the river feels like slowly running down. I favor the spring version with the life coming back to the waterfall because it fits well with the green color. One of the trees on the right bank is crossing the ground and three of the threes in front on the left bank are crossing eachother. Nice nature scene, it feels relaxing. Looking forward for the waterfall and animals.

Thanks for the comments!

I added the waterfall and created a bridge that goes over the river. The trees were rescaled and added color variation to the leaves. I also changed the sky and made the lighting more interesting, looks good so far though I will probably do a paint-over for the sky to make it fit more with the style.
I feel like it is currently missing some story, I am thinking about your suggestion Yusuf, something like a picknick could be a nice addition to the scenery.

How about a cave at the bottom of the waterfall?

Love the shadow effects, btw.

I really like what you’ve got going on. The only thing that jumps out to me as needing fixing is at the top of the waterfall it’s running over the bank. Maybe?.. :slight_smile: