Polygonal Hair to behave similar to softbody for animation?

I came across this tutorial in Maya. At about 14:50, as well as 16:40 and 3:00 he shows that he rotates the head, and the hair behaves similar to softbodys. He uses bones for this. Can we do something like that in Blender? I like how it is dynamic, and doesn’t require baking.

A related question. Can Blender also do dynamic cloth? You can see at 13:15, and 19:00 he moves the character, and her dress moves with it. Can this too be done in Blender?

yes, blender does both cloth and softbody simulations. it also has functions for dynamic particle hair. to add one of the first two things, go to the physics panel ( press the button furthest to the right on the header of your properties window ). for particle hair, I think the physics settings are within the particle buttons, though I am not positive on that.

Can Blender do softbodys and Cloth without having to bake? Like in the video where they move in real time as he poses his character?

I’ve never had good results with simulations, as they always do weird things. I would hate to spent a long time on animation only for the hair, and clothing to go through his skin all over the place.

Simulations are tough to set up, since the defaults are usually set to 1.000 and useful settings are sometimes a lot higher or a lot lower than the defaults. Poke through is pretty common, in any package. I suspect the rig in that video had some tricks and techniques he didn’t mention that kept that from happening, not least of which was not showing the model from an angle where it DID happen.

Common techniques are to increase the quality of the collisions (which increases processing time) and masking the body underneath clothing.

If you find blend files with good looking simulations, download them and study their settings to use as a starting point for your own work.