PolygonMonster - Sketchbook

Hello blenderheads

My name is Giovanny Arce (alias: polygonmonster)

I come from a background in advertising, working freelance/ in house for companies like J. Walter Thompson, Space Rhino Games and Neko Productions. It wasn’t until later in my career that I realized that I could make a profession out of my real passion: drawing and making 3d as an artist. So I made a life choice to follow true calling.

I hope to share some tips and tricks soon, making pdf tutorials, gumroad videos and twitch live streams.

You can find my work here:

Here some concept art and 3d done

Manuel Bastioni addon tests, playing with textures and shaders.

Blender internal viewport, shadeless comic material experiment.

Wow, completely jealous of your artistic skill and vision. I am finishing up my first career and need to figure out if I can pursue something like this for my second career. Thanks for sharing.