Polyline Cut Mesh by patmo141

Work in progress!

This looks like an awesome tool. I do a lot of 3d scan cleanup, and always had to do workarounds for this functionality in blender, since editmode sucks on editing high poly meshes.
Really looking forward to try this.
Thanks for your work.

What I would like most is a quick lasso delete - like lasso selection but in object mode, in view space, and which deletes everything inside the lasso…

Really good and usefull, well done :wink:

Thanks for the post! It is a little early for excitement. There is still a lot of work to be done on the cutting code, errors, ui, etc.

Looks like a really nice tool.

Really useful. I hope to see it in trunk version, keep improving it.
Would be nice to see it as sculpt tool convined with DynTopo, or simply and option to automatically fill holes.

Yes that would be nice. For simple cuts it’s not a problem. The paradox is that this is designed for cutting ‘weird’ shapes out of meshes where project knife and other methods don’t work well. So, naturally filling these holes (well) will be difficult.

Very nice looking forward to it.

About the fill option as long as there isn’t single edges which are manifold (as long as the manifold edges form a loop); you can simply use "select / non-manifold " then “fill” and " triangulate ". That should close multiple holes too. You can also "select non manifold " and " extrude " and " shrink/flatten -0.05 " then " fill " and " triangulate ".

All these functions have python access so they are scriptable, however you need to enter edit mode (can use extra process time ) or use bmesh from the script (extra level of complexity if you dont use bmesh already).

Watching the video, I also kind of was hoping to see the cut automatically snap itself to creases in the geometry (so for situations like this sculpt you can cleanly cut out visible shapes in the mesh).

Now I see it’s basically the knife tool in 3D (which isn’t a bad idea to say the least).

but with clean cut lines right? Not just leaving ragged triangle edges?

I also work with scan data and this looks super useful! Downloading and will try it out now.
If there is a donate button somewhere I´d love to contribute :slight_smile:

has lots of promise! Please continue working on it!

The github repo will remain public. If I get traction with some teammates, we may pull this onto CGC market and make it a truly stable, polished, feature rich tool instead of a buggy script.

Possible. I have another tool which previews a 2D slice as you move the control point. Auto snapping user proposed points is not a difficult task.

Anything truly automatic is a difficult task. Feel free to watch my video on tooth segmentation using harmonics. Very cool, but I was not able to implement a python solution that was at all useable. It would take 10 to 15 minutes of mesh preprocessing with Scipy to calculate the curvature and harmonic fields.

I’ll link some vids but for now a stable manual segmentation tool is my goal.

Why would you need to involve the whole mesh here, the only information that the user would care about is the immediate area under the cut line. It would be useful in a way that you eventually get the entire crease as you keep cutting.

minor improvements to handle ending on non manifold edges for trimming instead of just cutting holes


Very very cool

That looks really good!
I’m sure I’ll get to use this tool some time!

Thans for this amazing addon! However it doesn’t seem to work with my model imported from Photoscan.
I’m newbie to Blender, maybe that’s why I don’t succeed :slight_smile:
Here’s the bug rapport I’ve obtained :

If you could help me please!!

At the moment the addon is still really experimental. Hang in there, I’m spread a little thin. I’m hoping someone else can work on this with me!