Polymorphysm of subdivison


Done with blender internal , no pp

Hey no comments from anyone so here goes:

I like this piece, nice feel, and the shading is good. I think the only distraction is from the plane. If you could make it larger so the edges were not apparent then IMHO it would look a lot better.

Hey man, thnx a bunch for replying, I was starting to think this was an uncommunicative render…

I will try changing it according to your c&c later today

very very nice! it reminds me Escher pictures! But I would use a bit more complex shape to give even more complexity to the scene…

Here is one without the base plane

edit: (… and apprently different lighting…)

thnx darko!

That’s good. Not sure which lighting version I prefer, they both have their strong points.

Good job on the sketch look, real nice image.

In my mind, the contrast is too great, and the specular highlights would never be black.

The edge of the blade surface would reflect light in a different color and temperature from the surfaces that face slightly away from (vs. directly toward) the camera. But it would not be black. The metal might also reflect colored bands of light. (Use two textures.)

The edges of the objects would be dimmer, but again not black. Light would bounce off the background and illuminate them with a dimmer variant of the basic color.

A studio photographer would three-point light this setup and would choose different shades of color for each. Do likewise.

sundial, kansas was right… I was going for the sketchy look. I use edge detection and toon shading for this one. no 3 light setup or anything, one area light.

The objects should not be metal, so using reflections is also out.

Thank you for your input though, I appriciate it

I meant lightwise, IMHO it looks a lot better without the plane.

it looks a lot better without the plane.

The plane is there (the objects casts shadows), its just stretched out.

Did you suggest removing it completely ?