PolyQuilt addon for Blender 2.8

@Sakana3: Snapping Indicators are offsetted

Overall it seems much more robust, after a short test

  • Endpoints no longer get ignored
  • The error is gone in the old scenario as its no longer snapping in that case.

The snapping is done in screenspace right? It doesnt always find the obvious partner for all verts, but it works better if I change the view.

I also got the Bmesh error message again for a nonmanifold surface producing snap.

I’ve just updated and I’m still getting this error(from your cube with deleted face example above)

@Sakana3 I see you added mouse wheel x/y/z constraints to the Edgeloop tool. Very nice. :+1: Maybe for consistency you could also add this to single extruded faces too?

One other request - would it be possible to add a modifier key to slide edgeloops, like hitting GG?

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Oh that maybe. I just tested the open box from that video before.

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Thank you for the bug report. I am not good at English and the response is bad, but it is very helpful.

Sliding edge loops will be implemented. We are planning an intuitive one that uses guides rather than shortcuts like gg.


plz add multiple loop cutting option in loop tool

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Backfaces can be deleted in Xray mode. Do you mean hidden faces?

sorry for the mistake…I meant this faces

Ok, yes these can’t be deleted from front view, what I meant is that if the front faces wouldn’t occlude the backfaces then they could already be deleted. Polyquilt already does that for unoccluded backfaces. For deleting faces individually I don’t miss deleting hidden faces, but I think in Xray mode it would be ok.


EraceBrush uses circle select internally, so it follows Blender’s specifications.
I don’t really like it, but I think it’s a friendly behavior for Blender users.

take the code from boxselect x ray addon and merge it withe the eraser of polyquilt to make an eraser which can select those faces

please also make a check box for setting edge flow during loop creation of knife cutting,take the source code fro set edge flow addon by Benjamin Sauder

Some ideas for your loop tool…will it better ifI send theses ideas to the
creator of loop tools

Screenshot_8|333x500 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_13



EDIT: For anyone running into the same “problem”, the merge distance IS controlled by the auto merge slider, so when i put it down to 0.0001 i can loopcut without problems and still snap vertices together when moving them across a surface.
I was just confused, because “auto merge” was turned off, so i thought it would not affect the polyquilt tool anymore, my bad :smiley:

I just now discovered this addon and man, you did an awesome job on this :open_mouth:

I’m trying it out for retopo right now and was wondering if there’s a way for us to change the vertex merge distance when using the loopcut? (note that blender’s auto merge is turned off completely, so i guess it’s a default value in your addon?)

Also, do you have a gumroad page or so, so that we can support / thank you for this great tool? :wink:


knife tool displaying measurement for archviz